One of a Kind Mediterranean Culinary Experience

Getaway in Bodrum, Aegean, Turkey

Hosted by Antik in Bodrum, Turkey


For 1 night, 2 guests
*Prices include all taxes and fees.

What’s included

Why you should visit

  • You will be staying in an eco-friendly guesthouse located in charming Golturkbuku, on the north side of the Bodrum Peninsula, defined by olive trees and vineyards
  • You will be able to produce your own olive oil with granite stones and historical presses that identically reincarnate methods that were used in ancient times.
  • Bake your own bread in our historic Anatolian wood fired stone oven in the mornings.
  • Indulge in our Mediterranean dishes made with locally produced ingredients, herbs specific for this area and a lot of passion for authentic food.
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About the stay



Current weather:
21° C

Nearest airport:
Bodrum (BXN) - 25 km

Nearest train station:

About the host, Antik

Host Speaks:
English, Turkish

Four things host can’t live without:
Friends, Music, Traveling, Good food


Member since September 2015
From Bodrum, Turkey

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Within a day


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Bodrum, Turkey
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