Spa, yoga and heated pool on remote Spanish island

Getaway in Yaiza, Canary Islands, Spain

Hosted by Raquel in Yaiza, Spain


For 1 night, 2 guests
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What’s included

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Why you should visit

  • Be part of the unique sound healing sessions with singing Tibetan Bowls, Quartz bowls and Gongs.
  • Feel the real Ayurvedic Massages on your own skin, and you'll feel more revived and energized.
  • Practicing yoga here makes you radiant, peaceful and strong so that you can live up to the challenges of life and succeed.
  • Choose from out 10 types of massages, so your body will feel young and fresh again.
  • + More

About the stay

Outdoor Swimming Pool
BBQ /Grill
Hair Dryer



Current weather:
23° C

Nearest airport:
Las Palmas (ACE) - 13 km

About the host, Raquel

I am giving Yoga lessons here, one of my passions. I hope to make everyone enjoy as much as they can they vacation here.

Host Speaks:
English, Spanish

Four things host can’t live without:
Yoga, Nature, Sports, Family

Yoga professor

Member since March 2015
From Horta de Sant Joan, Spain

Response time:
Within a day

Trust and verifications:
Verified host by Spoty


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Yaiza, Spain
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