Transylvanian Hideaway Close to Dracula's Castle

Getaway in Simon , Transylvania, Romania

Hosted by Gabriel in Simon , Romania


For 1 night, 1 guest
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What’s included

Why you should visit

  • All rooms of this traditional house are furnishing with hand painted furniture in Szekler-style either antiques or specially ordered from Brasov
  • We are located on top of the mountain, in a remote place with breathtaking views , away from all the noisy city life and in connection with nature
  • No more than 15 minutes away from us there is the legendary Dracula Castle in the historical region of Bran

About the stay

Free Parking


Countryside, Mountain

Current weather:
11° C

Nearest airport:
Sibiu (SBZ) - 105 km

Nearest train station:

About the host, Gabriel

I fell in love with Romanian architecture, although I lived in U.S since I know myself. So I decided to take action and preserve the beauty of my country. I welcome you in my house which was carefully built after a sketch of a traditional romanian house from 1968.

Host Speaks:
English, Romanian

Four things host can’t live without:
Travelling, Romanian sights, Family, Morning coffee

Project developer of restored traditional houses

Member since October 2014
From Bucharest, Romania

Response time:
Within a day

Trust and verifications:
Verified host by Spoty


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Simon , Romania
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