Dinner with Culinary Blogger near Brasov

Getaway in Peștera, Transylvania, Romania

Hosted by Razvan in Peștera, Romania


For 1 night, 2 guests
*Prices include all taxes and fees.

What’s included

  • Traditional cuisine: a dinner cooked in a traditional way. We will of course use the natural and local produce of our garden or from neighbours. (details)
  • One shared rooms
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  • Breakfast included

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Why you should visit

  • During your escape you can get a glimpse into Transylvanian traditions like cheese making, but also there will be plenty to do in the the best areas close to Brasov.
  • Even if you want a tourist tour or to escape the crowds, this tour is the best you can find. And be prepared to spend most of your time outside.
  • If you wish to hear my story of how I started cooking, then we can do that. It all started in Germany when the need to eat made me cook pizza without an oven.

About the stay

Oven / Stove
Cooking Utensils


Mountain, Countryside

Current weather:
11° C

Nearest airport:
Sibiu (SBZ) - 98 km

Nearest train station:

About the host, Razvan

I'm passionate about traveling & nature and want to share with others the Romanian heritage and traditions. I want to help people discover Romania, to lead them to see our beautiful rural landscape. Also, I am a "foodie", hosting my own culinary web blog under my name.

Host Speaks:

Four things host can’t live without:
Good food, Mountains, Friends, Music


Member since March 2015
From Bucharest, Romania

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Within a day

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Peștera, Romania
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