Boat Adventure In The Danube Delta

Getaway in Uzlina, Dobrogea, Romania

Hosted by Radu in Uzlina, Romania 1


For 2 nights, 1 guest
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What’s included

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  • A thrilling boat trip for 2 to 4 persons on the amazing and unique (details)
  • Explore the beautiful surroundings on a boat with the family. (details)
  • Catamaran bot trip for a group of 10 persons through Danube Delta`s river, flora and fauna. (details)
  • We offer transport from Murighiol to Uzlina and back. (details)

Why you should visit

  • Explore and learn more about the unique flora and fauna of Danube Delta while boating with me on a private tour.
  • Don`t miss the sunny days when you will be able to go birdwatching with the binoculars and see some incredible creatures, found only in this area of Delta.
  • Those quiet moments in the morning when you feel best surrounded by nature, and water, while you go fishing for the tastiest fishes.
  • If you think you`ll be out of things to do while the weather is more rainy, take the indoor board games, such as chess, rummy and backgammon.
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About the stay

Outdoor Swimming Pool
Free Parking
Hair Dryer
Air Conditioning


Delta, River

Current weather:
20° C

Nearest airport:
Tulcea (TCE) - 40 km

Nearest train station:

About the host, Radu

Hello! I am going to welcome you to the house. We are going to help you in having the best family vacation here in the Danube Delta.

Host Speaks:
English, Romanian

Four things host can’t live without:
Fishing, My wife, Boat driving, Wine


Member since October 2014
From Bucharest, Romania

Response time:
Within a day

Trust and verifications:
Verified host by Spoty


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Uzlina, Romania
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