Visit Uffizi Gallery, stay in Donatello's studio

Getaway in Firenze, Tuscany, Italy

Hosted by Ginevra Niccolini in Firenze, Italy


For 1 night, 2 guests
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What’s included

  • I am going to present you the most important and unique characteristics of the Uffizi Gallery. The palace`s history is something that we will share. On top of that, you`ll get to see where Donatello worked. (details)
  • One double or twin standard rooms
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Why you should visit

  • A masseur, beautician and hairdresser services are available upon request. We want to make sure that your getaway in this lush destination is truly unforgettable.
  • Multilingual guides are awaiting you for a tour of the many museums and monuments. We can also make reservations for you at some fantastic restaurants that offer truly authentic Italian food.
  • If you wish to have a special tour of the surrounding cities, we are happy to help with booking them and have a magnificent experience.
  • We also organize visits to the Vasarian Corridor where you will be able to discover the raised passageway over one kilometer long which links Palazzo Vecchio to Palazzo Pitti, passing through the Uffizi Gallery. The Vasarian Corridor is managed as part of the Uffizi Gallery which is also in charge of the famous series of self-portraits and the important collection of seventeenth and eighteenth century paintings which are displayed in the corridor.
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About the stay

Hot Tub
Safety Deposit Box
Hair Dryer
Air Conditioning
Cable TV



Current weather:
20° C

Nearest airport:
Florence (FLR) - 6 km

Nearest train station:
Santa Maria Novella

About the host, Ginevra Niccolini

Host Speaks:
English, French, Italian

Four things host can’t live without:
Art, History, Wine, Family


Member since November 2015
From Firenze, Italy, Italy

Response time:
Within a day

Trust and verifications:
Verified host by Spoty


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Firenze, Italy
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