Luxury, Relaxed Escape By Maggiore Lake

Getaway in Lesa, Lombardy, Italy

Hosted by Adrian in Lesa, Italy


For 7 nights, 8 guests
*Prices include all taxes and fees.

What’s included

Why you should visit

  • You will be surrounded by breathtaking views overlooking Lake Maggiore, away from the main road and only accessible through a private driveway
  • Guaranteed peace, privacy and relaxation enjoying our private paradise with a 20 acre park extending up to the shore
  • Go on a boating trip using our free vintage 1926 taxi motor boat and stop by the most exclusive waterfront restaurants while savoring a glass of champagne at sunset
  • We provide fishing equipment to help complete your lake experience by practicing your fishing skills.

About the stay



Current weather:
12° C

Nearest airport:
Milano (MXP) - 25 km

Nearest train station:

About the host, Adrian

Host Speaks:
English, Italian

Four things host can’t live without:
Friends, Music, Traveling, Good food


Member since October 2015
From Lesa, Italy

Response time:
Within a day

Trust and verifications:
Verified host by Spoty


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Lesa, Italy
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