Farming Experience in Rural Tuscany

Getaway in Asciano, Tuscany, Italy

Hosted by Alessandro in Asciano, Italy 1


For 1 night, 6 guests
*Prices include all taxes and fees.

What’s included

  • Learn from the experts while taking part in our seasonal gardening and farming activities such as olive harvesting, planting vegetables seeds, picking fruits. (details)
  • One cipresso
  • Help around the garden (details)
  • Bike through Tuscany (details)

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Why you should visit

  • You will be in the middle of authentic, rural life of green Tuscany defined by breathtaking landscapes with olive tress and vineyards
  • Learn how to protect the environment from our eco methods of producing heat and energy
  • Come see how we locally produce our food, how we plant seeds and how we take care of plants untl they become delicious vegetables
  • Be a part of the olive harvesting process in October and November
  • + More

About the stay


Countryside, Hill

Current weather:
19° C

Nearest airport:
Perugia (PEG) - 39 km

Nearest train station:

About the host, Alessandro

Host Speaks:
English, Italian

Four things host can’t live without:
Friends, Music, Traveling, Good food


Member since April 2015
From Siena, Italy

Response time:
Within a day

Trust and verifications:
Verified host by Spoty


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Asciano, Italy
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