About Us

Our Story

Hey there explorer! Nice to meet you :)

It's good to know that there are more of us out there.
I share your burning desire to get to know the world in a different way. I know that traveling is not about destinations anymore. It’s about amazing people and their stories, about those tradition keepers, about learning and evolving every time you say “Let’s go!”. This is why we created Spoty.

My passion for experiential travel and authentic places started in my childhood when thanks to my family I had the chance to taste the fulfillment this kind of vacation offers you. You feel richer, connected, alive, you learn and evolve. You get the chance to meet amazing people, locals who love to help you immerse into their culture and you challenge your limits by trying things you never did before. Over a few years and more than 40.000 km traveled around the world, experiential travel became more than a passion, but a commitment.

I believe that Spoty can be the meeting place for people who know they can be better by giving and sharing. Not commodities, but emotions and excitement. I know for sure that we can find these people all over the world, in hidden places and traditional communities and provide them the market where they can connect to authentic experiencers, travelers in search for the unique and the unexpected. Like me and you.

Join us and let's change the world! Starting with travel.

Our Vision

Picture in your mind that miniature Earth Globe you used to spin while in geography class. How would it be to drop your finger random on a place and be able to travel there right now? We bet you could only think about how surprising it is, how many unexpected things could happen and how amazing it is to discover a destination you never thought of.

Well, this is our vision. To make dreams come true and to create an international community of friends. Of incredible people who make the most out of travel. Those young­at­heart explorers. Those wanderers and their desire to find the unique and the authentic.

Our vision is to change the way people travel, starting with those who already want more. Spoty is a fresh view on getaways and vacations, promoting them as chances for experiential getaways. getaways that engage visitors in memorable travel activities, that are deeply personal. They involve all senses, and make connections on a physical, emotional, spiritual, social and intellectual level, all in the same time. It is travel designed to engage visitors with locals, set the stage for conversations and embellish what is unique in different cultures.

We support locals around the world to offer more than a trip, but a unique experience, using their own resources and creativity. They are our local heroes, with great stories to tell, with a lot to teach and to show.

We believe that travelers need a place where they can find both inspiration and solution. Where they can meet similar people, bond and start new adventures. So meet Spoty, the one­stop-shop for those moments that will make you cherish life even more.

Our Team

We believe Spoty can bring about change, open minds, enrich lives, create memories, transform us all. Our team is composed of brilliant, driven people with an authentic passion for travel and a commitment to bridging cultures.

Elizabeth Ciobanu
Naty Tully
Razvan Iacob
Laura Eunice Oana
Adina Morisca
Ioana Iglitia