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Why choose Spoty


Hidden Gems that Spoty knows about will make your getaway authentic. He's here to help you find those places few people know about, and the stories behind them.


Spoty is the explorer that lies in every one of us. He makes the entire getaway about you, as you take part in the local culture and stay in its authentic places.


No more endless nights of research for one short getaway. Spoty already has the experience and the place ready for you, for a getaway worth remembering.

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How it works


Choose where would you like to go from our available destinations.


Explore the stories of our hosts and choose the best experience for you.


Customize if you need to, book, and get ready to create lasting memories.

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This is what guests are saying about Spoty

“I can't believe how easy it is to find awesome getaways just 2 hours away. Thanks Spoty!”
“I used Spoty to gain a better understanding of Romanian culture”
“When I heard about Spoty, I was excited! They offer the experiences I've always dreamed about”

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